Personal Assistant II

Personnel Assistant
Specific  procedures  for  which   the   contractor  shall   be responsible.
•     The  Contractor   personnel   shall  provide  personnel  and administrative  support for the AMS C&T Memphis  Classing  Office located  in Memphis,  TN as scheduled  by the Government.
•     Executes  personnel  action requests  for all seasonal  personnel  for accessions,   separations, pay status and non-pay  status.
•    Collects   application  materials  and  hiring   documents  for  seasonal   vacancies.
•     Enters qualified  applicants'  rating in the C&T Personnel  Rating Database.
•     Utilizes  the call-back  list to schedule eligible personnel  for shifts during  the classing season.
•     Manages  the C&T Memphis  Classing  Office's  personnel  records  and disposes  the records according  to the established  records disposal  schedule
•    Collects  seasonal  staffs  time and attendance  worksheets  daily.
•     Enters seasonal  staffs  time and attendance  information  in the TandA  database  at least once per bi-weekly  pay period
•     Enters seasonal  staffs   time and attendance  information  in the webTA  system at least once per bi-weekly  pay period
•    Monitors  and verifies the monthly payroll reports for the for C&T Memphis  Classing
Office Staff and reports discrepancies  to the C&T Budget Analyst.
•    Generates  CN-2 billing forms from the HP Non-Stop  monthly or quarterly.
•    Enters customer  billing information  in the FMMI System each month of billing.
•     Monitors  the customer  accounts  in FMMI and records collections  and reports the revenue on the FD-351  report.
•     Executes  daily,  monthly,  and periodic internal office and external  Grading  Division reports.
•    Executes  travel authorizations  and vouchers  for C&T Memphis  Classing  Office Staff.
•    Manages  the office supply  inventory  for the C&T Memphis  Classing  Office Staff
•   Collects  and prepares  annual  budget  estimates  for the for C&T  Memphis  Classing  Office
•    Prepares  procurement  requests   forms  and  electronically  submits   the  request   in the integrated acquisition    system.
•   Reviews  and  approves   purchase   order  invoices   from  vendors in the  IPP  system .
•   Utilizes  Microsoft  Office  and Adobe  software  products  to conduct  duties .
•    Utilizes   electronic   systems  to conduct   personnel,   financial/budgetary,  and procurement    duties.
•    Ability  to perform  in a team environment   requiring  flexibility,  comprehension   and execution  of new concepts  and ideas,  and public speaking  skills
•   Develops  and maintains  working  relationships  with the for C&T Memphis  Classing
Office  Staff.
•   Develops  working  relationships  with C&T administrative   personnel  to accomplish   tasks
•   Represents  the C&T Memphis  Classing  Office during administrative   related  meetings .
•    Contractor  personnel  shall successfully  complete  all Government-provided    training needed  to complete  listed functions.
•    Contractor  personnel  shall attend all Government-provided   orientation  and training necessary  to perform  duties.
•    Manages the C&T Memphis  Classing  Office's  records  according  to the established records management  program.

Skill Equirements
•     Knowledge   of  grammar,    spelling,    capitalization,     punctuation,     and   commonly    used specialized terminology   to prepare material  correctly.
•     Knowledge  of a broad-range  of personnel  programs  and policies  to include  travel,   pay, personnel actions and equal  employment.
•     A thorough  knowledge  of sound  principles  and  practices of  personnel,   budgeting,   fiscal methods,  and administrative  services procedures.
•     Know ledge in office  administration  procedures  to assist  the budget  technician  plan,
direct and carry out  the daily operations of a busy classing office setting.
•     Knowledge  of  and  ability  to use  automated  data  processing equipment.
•     Working  knowledge of information technology applications such financial and personnel systems and Agency databases and  systems,  spreadsheets, word processing, graphics to include  Microsoft  Office software (Word,  Excel,  Access, etc.).
•    A qualified typist is required.
•    Familiarity with procedures to prepare a wide variety of personnel forms in order to provide guidance to Federal employees.
•     Skill required in operation of all office equipment - personal computer, copier, calculator, scanner, and fax machine.

Reach Out to a Recruiter

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