Senior Web Developer

Job Description:

The Client is seeking proposals from qualified Vendors to provide a redesigned municipal website utilizing a web CMS with the goals of efficient navigation, organization of information, cross device responsiveness, and a hierarchy of content editing privileges with designated approvers. It must be able to withstand updates to the CMS systems with the use of child themes or an equivalent solution. The client website needs to have the ability to be accessed at any time and cannot be “broken" as the result of changes to the CMS.


The website should be accessible via a common web browser, for both the municipal user creating content and the user seeking information.


Job Responsibilities

·         The primary goal of this project is to replace the current website with a new and improved website, along with an updated Content Management System.

·         The new website should be easier for users to access and navigate from a variety of platforms, be more efficient for County staff to manage, and provide easy access to county services by residents, businesses and visitors.

·         The Client should retain the copyright to the template of the redesigned site.

·         The website should have a modern, contemporary design that reflects the unique characteristics of client and its history. The county staff should be able to access and update all parts of the website.



·         Regular exposure to business stakeholders and executive management, as well as the authority and scope to apply your expertise to many interesting technical problems.

·         Design a website with a consistent look and feel to all pages (fonts, graphics, color schemes, and navigation tools).

·         Create responsive design to ensure the site can be viewed and used on a variety of mobile devices

·         Improve the tools that support updating the website, i.e.; the CMS (Word press)

·         Created using a preferred browser-based CMS system that is accessible by multiple users.

·         Provide information architecture that supports easy navigation of the site to key County services, encouraging citizens and visitors to return.

·         Integrate with social media.

·         The website should be able to be displayed efficiently on desktop sites, tablets and mobile devices. It should also be compatible with the popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

·         Follow web accessibility requirements and be 508 compliant.

·         Enable updating the look and feel of the website on an as-needed basis.

·         Must be compatible with US Federal government ADA web accessibility guidelines.

·         Candidate must have a strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, general web functions and standards.

·         The position requires constant communication with colleagues.

·         The home page should have the ability to:

i.        Displays a feed of PSAs with the option to have them auto expire.

ii.       Have a section of important announcements that need to remain on the front page

iii.     A feed of recent changes to the website

·         Lower level pages should have a uniform and functional design Text should be able to be added and displayed in an organized manner. There should be a way to display visual content in an aesthetically pleasing manner that retains the responsiveness of the page. Pages will often need to contain multiple files and a method to listing or directing the user to PDFs should be available. Each Client Department will need multiple subpages to display their content and organize information

·         Willingness to pursue continuing job-related training and education in systems.

·         Strong ability to create Tanning material for technical and non-technical end user

·         Full Content Migration: The Vendor will migrate all identified material to the new site prior to the “live” date. The Client has conducted an internal review and is reorganizing the information on the site in preparation to this move. This content and structure can be provided to the Vendor for full migration and development of the site.


Technology required:  Web service, ASP.NET, Word press or Joomlal, Java script, jQuery, Widget, Google Analytics, Windows 7, HTTP, Microsoft Azure, HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver