Web Administrator

Job Description:

Manage and Maintain web environment design, deployment, development, and maintenance activities. Perform testing and quality assurance of web sites and web applications. Responsibilities include implementing and monitoring security systems and responding to user requests in a timely manner.

Tasks and Responsibilities -

·         Back up or modify applications and related data to provide for disaster recovery.

·         The website should have the proper level of security to prevent cyber-attacks and provide a safe experience for City staff and visitors.

·         Determine sources of web page or server problems, and take action to correct such problems.

·         Review or update web page content or links in a timely manner, using appropriate tools.

·         Monitor systems for intrusions or denial of service attacks, and report security breaches to appropriate personnel.

·         Administers and develops SharePoint sites; manages content and security

·         Implement web site security measures, such as firewalls or message encryption.

·         Administer internet/intranet infrastructure, including components such as web, file transfer protocol (FTP), news and mail servers.

·         Helping the web development teams promote system stability, scalability and flexibility

·         Managing monitoring and alerting infrastructure, to resolve and prevent problems

·         Defining and deploying development and production infrastructure definitions using configuration management

·         Defining and maintaining production persistence infrastructure, including data backups/restores

·         Working with a unified team of developers, systems administrators and devops to facilitate continuous deployment

·         Collaborate with development teams to discuss, analyze, or resolve usability issues.

·         Test backup or recovery plans regularly and resolve any problems.

·         Monitor web developments through continuing education, reading, or participation in professional conferences, workshops, or groups.

·         Implement updates, upgrades, and patches in a timely manner to limit loss of service.

·         Performs the technical planning, design, development, testing, implementation, and management of internet, intranet, extranet and Wiki activities, including systems/applications development, survey development.