Voice Moderization

Project Overview
Ongoing consultations for voice modernization. Transition from legacy voice to VoIP.

Project Context:
To provide financial analysis and decommissioning planning analysis in support of client’s decommissioning of legacy voice services and ongoing migration to unified communications services.

The successful consultant will work with government staff and project teams involved in the planning and management of telecommunications services that support government programs.

This will include the following deliverables:

•           Modifying an existing multi-year forecast model for voice/unified communications services that informs project planning and provides financial forecasts;
•           Provide advice on decommissioning approaches for legacy voice services that has the effect of minimizing overall cost for service delivery;
•           Analyze data to support planning activities and for supporting decisions, e.g. operational services data to determine most optimal deployment sequence;
•           Provide advice and analysis in support of supplier invoice reconciliation that has the effect of minimizing overall cost for service delivery;
•           Working with internal staff to increase knowledge and skills as appropriate, and
•           Provide the Ministry with electronic and/or hardcopies of all materials, financial models, and documentation that results from this contract.

The Contractor must have expert knowledge and experience working with the following:
•           Recent (two years) experience costing/pricing complex IT services;
•           Demonstrated experience building spreadsheet based forecast models that support scenario analysis for business cases and cost analysis, for large and complex projects (greater than $10 million per year);
•           In depth understanding of legacy voice services components (equipment and supplier services) and their interrelationships;

•           In depth knowledge of CRTC rulings, tariffed services, and telecommunications contracts, and




Expert knowledge of CRTC rulings and  tariff services



Expert knowledge of legacy voice services



Telecommunication Contract content



Costing/Pricing complex IT services