PC Technician


Need #2: 

20+ PC Technicians to support the 2020 Primary and General Elections (Early Vote and Election Day(s)). 



Primary Election from 5/1/20 thru 6/15/20 and General Election from 10/1/20 thru 11/15/20 (4-5+ weeks) – generally a minimum of 35-40 hours a week with upwards of 50 hours of overtime during both the Primary and Election Cycles. 


Description and skill set required: Extensive  experience working with Desktops, Laptops and Tablets. Work with a large team comprised of skilled Systems Technicians. Candidate should have proficiency in the following:

- Installing and configuring County standard Hardware and Software (Dell Optiplex and Latitude)

- Microsoft MDT imaging

- Microsoft Windows 7 and 10

- Microsoft Office Suites 2010, 2013 and O365

- Basic Microsoft Administration

- Intermediate level Network Infrastructure

- Troubleshooting techniques

- Working under deadlines

- Team participation

- Documentation of technical procedures

- Asset tracking and inventory management

- Customer Service