Systems Architect

1.       Scope of Work.

The Contractor shall provide information technology (IT) staff augmentation services in support of the Department’s Office of Information Technology (OIT), Bureau of Enterprise Applications, to develop, enhance, and support .Net applications and map the applications to read and translate data marked up with a unique XBRL taxonomy. The Contractor must provide the qualified Systems Architect(s) proposed in its Response, and selected by the Department, who has/have the experience and ability to fulfill the requirements of this Statement of Work (SOW).

Systems Architect Task List

The Contractor, through the Systems Architect(s) it provides, shall perform the following tasks as necessary to complete work on/for a proposed XBRL integrated .Net applications, as assigned by the Department’s Contract Manager:

·      Write and provide application and project technical documentation.

·      Write and provide project management documentation.

·      Provide fully tested and commented application code, implemented in the production environment.

·      Perform unit and system testing to ensure system conforms to detailed requirement specifications.

·      Provide system analysis, design, and programming support, and implementation support for applications.

·      Enhance existing .Net web applications.

·      Provide maintenance and support for .Net web applications as needed.

·      Provide project leadership.

·      Develop and enhance project and technical documentation.

·      Work with State staff to mentor them in .Net development skills.

·      Access and analyze the current application’s capabilities regarding data standardization and uniformity, standardized business reporting, and other functionality as requested, and produce a written report of this analysis with recommendations to assist the State with implementing the Florida Open Financial Statement System.

·      Review one or more XBRL taxonomies and provide assessments on the technical validity of the taxonomies.

·      Recommend and implement an editing and validation tool for sustaining XBRL taxonomies.  The tool will likely assist a .NET application to create instance documents from ingested financial data and maintain taxonomies by allowing the creation of new tags, dimensions, roles, and other necessary XBRL concepts.

·      Consult on the continued use of the XBRL tool and advise DFS how to integrate the tool with a .NET application.

·      Develop functional, business, and technical test requirements for DFS’ XBRL enabled application.

·      Develop testing criteria and scripts that verify that XBRL mapped software functions perform as expected.

·      Assist in validating the proper implementation of XBRL taxonomies.

·      Other tasks as determined by the Contract Manager. 

·      Ensure that OIT’s SDF Standards and Procedures (AP&Ps) are followed.