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SD- INPATIENT LPN-Ortho/Neuro/Surgica & Medical - (6022110) - Nights

The ONS department consists two floors each with 32 private beds with cardiac telemetry monitoring capabilities. 

Our team cares for patients who have orthopedic, trauma, neurologic, general surgical diagnoses and intermediate care patients. These may include general surgeries such as ear-nose-throat, thoracic, gastro-intestinal, urological, gynecological, vascular cases; orthopedic cases such as hip, knee, or shoulder replacement, hip fractures, other fracture repairs; neurology and neurosurgical cases including stroke, seizure disorders, Guillain-Barre syndrome, neuromuscular disorders, closed head injuries, back injuries, spinal injuries, back surgeries, craniotomies, VP shunt placement or repair; and other trauma patients with generalized injuries.

Candidate will be placed into the ONS department with floating assignments between ONS and Medical and intermediate care if necessary. Also, must float to the surge capacity COVID areas as needed.  MUST have experience/competence in reading/interpreting telemetry and intermediate/step down level of care. Must have experience working in a hospital setting. Must have experience in Medical, Orthopedics, Neurology, and Surgical patient care and be competent in reading/interpreting telemetry. 

Patient ratio is 4:1- 5:1

Shift times are 1630-0700


Bonus Terms:

1.       Must complete 13 weeks AND 588 hours worked(this excludes on-call)

2.       Must work one holiday, if needed by the department, if it’s within your contracted dates.

3.       Cannot have extensive orientation. Typical orientation for travelers is two shifts.

4.       Must be in good standings with the manager when contract is complete; cannot have any documented performance conversations.

Will grant RTO only if it is submitted and in contract ahead of time and approved by the department.

Reach Out to a Recruiter

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