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Registrar of Voters Re-precinct Technician - I (Computer Operator)

Job Specs

Innovation and Technology Department of the County of San Bernardino is seeking Technicians – level I who, under close supervision, can work on the County’s Registrar of Voters, Re-precinct process. This position will be required to perform a variety of routine technical duties to support the Registrar of Voters Re-precinct process using standard GIS tools/processes and the State-certified Election Management System used by the County.


• Ability to read and work on GIS Maps, including parcels and base maps.

• Ability to execute Selection Queries in ArcMap

• Ability to use basic ArcMap functions to enter, edit, and update GIS spatial data, including points, lines and polygons, and attribute data within databases or feature classes, following standard procedures.

• Ability to follow documented procedures to update street range address records in the County’s Election Management System based on the updated voter precincts polygons to ensure each address record is in the correct voter precinct (Data Entry)

• Ability to perform quality control checks with minimal supervision to ensure data integrity.

• Understanding of how street addressing is setup.

Skills and Qualifications

• Proven experience with data entry

• Proven experience working on Microsoft products – Excel/Word/Outlook

• Proven experience with the Esri – ArcMap desktop product

• Working experience with an Election Management System.

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