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NJAOC Quality Assurance Manager 4 -

Location: New Jersey, USA

Short Description:
This QAM is responsible for the development and execution of performance/load testing of Judiciary web-based applications. They will also be the primary resource for QA software upgrades.  Conduct and provide support for functional/regression testing.

Complete Description:
Note: Local Candidate is preferred. Position is remote but candidate may be asked to come to the office for periodic meetings.

Quality Assurance consultant is responsible for the design, pilot, & implementation of the software quality assurance review processes. QA will work with Application Teams during pre & post assessment periods. The QA reports to the QA Team Lead. Candidate must have Excellent communication skills and possess the ability to collaborate with internal and external groups including vendors.

•    QTP Automation and Testing Framework
•    Quality Center
•    Database Testing/Web UI testing
•    Manual Testing
•    Webservices Testing
•    Creating, executing test plan / test cases / test scripts
•    Win Runner, Test Director, Quality Center
•    SQL
•    Web Applications
•    Java, JEE, JSP (knowledge of web application development using JEE/JSP/Java scripts and Webservices integration)
•    Experience with UFT Automated Scripts Preferred

The ideal candidate can:
•    Demonstrate expertise in teaching, conveying technical and or functional courses and concepts.
•    Develop appropriate work programs and budgets and use to effectively schedule tasks and assignments.
•    Identify improvements to project standards to achieve high quality services and products.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

•    Analyze user requirements for load/performance testing including appropriate test scenarios.
•    Collaborate with application teams on setting up users, data, etc.--Record and/or script the load test scenarios using Load Runner/Quality Center.
•    Collect load results from support teams to summarize and document findings as well as suggest recommendations.
•    Perform server administration for Quality Center and Load Runner products.
•    Upgrade Quality Center and/or Load Runner server software including the migration of project data
•    Understand and implement test plans
•    Implement QTP scripts from defined test plans
•    Identify and document system defects   
•    Review project’s required work products to ensure compliance with approved tailored procedures and standards.
•     Review and check project’s software development activities and the associated internal tasks required as employed by the project and specified in the project plan.
•     Compare actual project procedures to the specified standards, procedures, and, if required, specific rd party contractual requirements.
•    Perform detailed reviews of interim and final tasks as appropriate. Ensure process improvement opportunities are reviewed by appropriate contact to identify training needs of the organization.
•     Perform or manage the required software quality phase end reviews of work product and process for each software project and produce the required software quality reports, as specified in the project's software quality plan.
•    Develop, and manage short and long-term plans and schedules for organization wide software quality needs. Balance workload with team’s capacity by managing the team’s activities according to schedule and budgets
•    Coordinate and procure the required skills and techniques required. 
•    Other duties as assigned by the Project Manager.

•    Must be able to compare actual project procedures to the specified standards and procedures.
•    Able to demonstrate expertise with the most recent and relevant technologies in the
quality assurance review processes.
•    Ability to Work independently and as a member of a team
•    Communicate clearly and effectively in written and spoken English



Required / Desired
of Experience
Experience with QTP Automation and testing framework
Required Years
Experience with Quality Center
Required Years
Experience with Database Testing
Required Years
Experience with Web UI Testing
Required Years
Experience with Manual Testing
Required Years
Experience with WebServices Testing
Required Years
Experience creating and executing test plans, test cases and test scripts
Required Years
Experience with Win Runner and Test Director
Required Years
Experience with SQL
Required Years
Experience testing Web Applications
Required Years
Experience in JAVA, JEE, and JSP
Required Years
Knowledge of Web application development using JEE, JSP, JAVA Scripts and Webservices integration
Required Years
Demonstrate expertise in teaching, conveying technical and or functional courses and concepts.
Desired Years
Experience with UFT Automated Scripts
Highly desired Years
-year College degree or equivalent technical study
Required Years

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